How To Protect Your RV From The Sun

Published on 3/2/2020

RV driving down a long desert road
  1. Check to see if your current RV roof still has some life in it or if it needs to be replaced. If the roof is not too damaged, continue to protect it and watch over it. The roof of your RV is exposed to the sun almost all of the time and harmful UV rays will cause it to degrade over time. Failure to keep a close eye on it can be detrimental and the roof could develop rotting wood in the ceiling which in turn could cause leakage and other damage on the inside as well.

  1. Keep the roof as clean as possible to help it last over time. Dirt is more than just soil and has harmful acids from pollution that will cause the rubberized material your RV roof is made of to crack. Use a mild soap and spend some time cleaning in the cracks and caulking next to roof vents and skylights. When washing the roof of your RV, be careful not to step on the fragile plastic skylights or other areas that might cause damage to the RV.RV being painted for sun protection

  1. After you have washed the roof and it has dried, it is time to seal it to protect it from the Sun. There are several options of silicone based products that you can purchase at your local store. The higher the silicone content, the greater the UV protection. If you keep your RV or travel trailer roof clean and sealed it will last for many years and get you to where you need to go!